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Fanny & Alexander - Stage Version

Large Mixed Cast

Stephen Beresford from Ingmar Bergman Price: $16.95

"There should be no shame in us taking pleasure in our little lives"

Legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman’s rich, funny and humane masterpiece is translated to the stage by BAFTA award-winning writer Stephen Beresford

"By the end of it, you will have seen every possible kind of adventure. The dead will speak and the living will fight and there will be swords, and horses, and magical speaking puppets. And a ghost. And a dog. And a naked lady. But first…"

The Ekdahls are a family of the theatre

Their lives are as messy and passionate as the characters they play onstage

Siblings Fanny and Alexander are growing up amidst the gilded romance and glamour of 1900s Sweden

But their world is turned upside down when their widowed mother remarries the iron-willed local bishop

As creative freedom and rigid orthodoxy clash, a war ensues between imagination and austerity in this magical study of childhood, family and love


Fanny and Alexander premiering at the Old Vic, London, in February 2018

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