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Family - Three Plays - Acts & One Good Beating & The Visitor

Riccardo Galgani & Linda McLean & Iain Crichton… Price: $12.99

A trilogy of short plays by three generations of Scottish writers ...

Acts - an old couple have not seen their son in years. One day he walks back into their lives, bringing with him a pictureless picture frame and a set of half-recalled memories of a time when they were happy. Maybe

One Good Beating - a blackly comic account of a brother and sister taking revenge on their violent father. Within just thirty-five minutes this play conjures up a remarkably vivid picture of one merciless family and three desperate lives

The Visitor - a schoolmaster is on the verge of retirement. He is looking back on his career and his united family, when a knock on the door reveals a mysterious young man wishing to pay his respects

How does he know so much about them, and yet they don't remember him ?

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