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+ Facing-Up

Large Mixed Cast

Cynthia Mercati Price: $8.25

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There are always some students in high school who, finding themselves floundering, fantasize a better life for themselves

More and more, these students live the life they imagine

And deny the one that is really theirs

But now the begin to Face-Up to their realities ...

Perfect Patti shows her true desperate colors

Steely Shane reveals the chink in his armor

T. J. looks up from the book she lives in

Martin recognizes his cowardice and confronts it

Anna Beth realizes her lies arenít worth living

Martin finds the courage to stand up to Johnny, the school bully

Johnny realises he takes his anger out on others because he's bitter about his father deserting him

Facing-Up gives voice to dilemmas that are happening every day in schools across the country


Runs about 65 minutes


"High schools are going to be able to relate to this" ~ Urbandale High School students who performed in Facing-Up

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