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Ezra and Evil

9 Male, 5 Female

David Christner Price: $7.99

Seventeen-year-old Ezra-Nori-Thorpe-Casey is in a jam - locked up in the steeple of the Freewill Baptist Church in Mansfield, OK awaiting his Fate, a shotgun wedding to Preacher Bascom’s daughter, Roseabeth

By hook or crook, luck or logic, Ezra has to find a way to evade the unholy union with the less than angelic Roseabeth

With Preacher, the town bully, the constable, and the DAR all down on him, it will take a miracle for Ezra to remain free long enough to exercise his free will

But sometimes miracles happen, even to those who think they’re undeserving

Will this be the case with the Ezra?

God only knows ...


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