Extracurriculars - Scrimmages & Rebuttals - Two After School Comedies

Extracurriculars - Scrimmages & Rebuttals - Two After School Comedies $10.99

Joseph Fedorko

Published by Samuel French Inc

2 Male 9 Female

Scrimmages - 2m 1f

In an empty classroom after school, we find Ruth, who is futilely trying to prepare a speech about the role of women in American society and how it has changed since WWII

With the speech, she will hopefully win a scholarship from the Women's Auxiliary of the Legion of American Veterans, which has not given an award to a woman for ten years

There's already enough pressure on her, but then her relentlessly annoying little brother comes bounding in asking for sanctuary from the Hulkamaniac Jeff Cotheran who only wants him dead

Even though her brother's death would be beneficial for her as well, she lets him in and this gives her a great idea!

If there's one thing she did not plan on is that this episode would inspire her to write a fantastic speech!

Truly a terrific brother/sister story!

Scrimmages was a semi-finalist in the 1991 National Youth Theatre Playwriting Competition, sponsored by Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

Rebuttals - 3m. 1f

The James Bradley\Rick Majors debate team has just one more match to win before they have a shot at "The States", which is their life's ambition

But who should stand in their way?

Someone they've lost to twenty three times - Jeff Belmont, the conceited, overbearing self-proclaimed "debating machine"

And to make matters worse, Belmont is teamed up with Karen Anderson, who was supposed to be Rick's "dream date"

What transpires when these two teams lock heads is a powerfully dramatic conflict between love and power revealed through rich language and the persuasive argument of debate

Rebuttals received a critically acclaimed production at the Chicago Dramatists Workshop First Annual Showcase of Short Plays


"Near Brilliant" ~ Chicago Reader

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