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Excavating Mom

3 Male, 4 Female

James DeVita Price: $9.99

Mallory McKay is a precocious child of divorce who hasn't seen her mother in over two years

Judith McKay, a renowned paleontologist and director of a museum, has spent most of her career pioneering a search for the yet-to-be-proven existence of the largest dinosaur ever known the Megamaiasaurus

The museum and her position, however, are threatened with extinction unless Judith can discover substantial proof of the mythical creature to attract the public

In the midst of all this, Mallory arrives to stay with her mother. Under pressure to save the museum, and her job, Judith has little time for Mallory's needs

Neglected and hurt, Mallory decides to entertain herself and finds she has more power of imagination than she bargained for, conjuring up live dinosaurs right there in the museum!

Mother and daughter then set out on an adventure during which they discover not only the existence of Meg, but also the existence of their own previously extinct relationship

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