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Everybody’s Girl

8 Male, 2 Female

John Patrick Price: $9.99

As the critic of the Miami Times describes Everybody`s Girl and its central character: "Vivian Vance is the key to the plot. She plays a kookie 'widow' living in a town called Harmony

Her activities range from being mayor to running the local home for wayward girls. Due to the unlikely incident of a Japanese duck landing in her back yard, she comes into small recognition, and enough for a newspaper man to come out to do a story

When he finds out she has five sons in a prison camp in North Vietnam, he decides here is a chance for fame and a fast buck, and launches a campaign to have her named Mother of the Year

But this fine distinction is hilariously corrupted when it is revealed she was never, ever married." This bit of information comes as a shock to all, including her five strapping sons; and the White House - where she has been invited to receive Presidential recognition

But fortunately there is an explanation for it all, which removes any suggested blot on American motherhood and sets the stage for the rollicking climax of the play

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