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The Book of EstroGenius 2012 - A Celebration of Female Voices

Various Authors Price: $19.99

This "Celebration of Female Voices" is a great value Compendium of edgy, all-female new work

The 23 Short Plays & One-Woman Shows & Teen Voices were first presented at the 13th Annual EstroGenius Festival in 2012, produced by Manhattan Theatre Source

The Short Plays are ...

A Recipe to Remember ~ Celeste Koehler

The Key ~ Vivian Neuwirth

Buying the Farm ~ Leslie Revelle

Jumping In ~ Seth Freeman

Gold Star Mother ~ Cynthia Robinson

Redemption ~ Lisa bruna

Orangutan & Lulu ~ Lisa Kenner Grissom

Destiny ~ Patricia Henritze

Sol ~ Lynda Green

When Predator Dies ~ Catya McMullen

Books Not Now ~ Kira Lauren

Life on Mars ~ Trish Cole

Bazookas ~ Sharon Goldner

The Jennifer Bourne Identity ~ Hilary King

Rosie the Ritered Rockette ~ Daniel Guyton

Monologues & One-Woman Shows

Sailing Down the Amazon ~ Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro

Tea with Vivien Leigh ~ Alessandra Drapos

Happily Never Ever ~ Gina Femia

Cheap Chicken ~ Maria Gabriele

Out of my Mind ~ Laura Pruden

Octopus ~ Stephanie Shaw

If You're Feeling Blue... ~ Stephanie Shaw

Project Girl: Unplugged ~ Project Girl Performance Collective

NOTE: The Kindle edition is only $2.99 / 1.85

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