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6 Male, 6 Female

Michael Bloom from Jane Austen Price: $9.99

Stage adaptation of Jane Austen's classic comedy of manners

Pledging never to marry, the mischievous Emma Woodhouse is nevertheless the “matchmaker of Highbury”

Her newest project, Harriet Smith, has already received a proposal, but Emma insists she marry the eligible vicar Mr Elton

But when Emma discovers Mr Elton is more interested in her, she is forced to fend him off and find another suitor for Harriet

Then Highbury welcomes two new guests - a mysterious Jane Fairfax and the charming Frank Churchill, whom Emma finds herself falling a little in love with

Emma decides Frank is better suited to Harriet, but when she suggests the match, she's astonished to discover that Harriet has fallen for Mr Knightly

And only now does a horrified Emma suddenly realize she herself has always been in love with Mr Knightley ...

"A delightful re-telling" ~ TalkinBroadway

"Joyful" ~ Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Cast

EMMA WOODHOUSE - Very pretty, accomplished, willful, highly intelligent, sophisticated, and arrogant. Although often wrong, she is always confident of being right. A clever and spoiled young woman with a strong affection for her father

HENRY WOODHOUSE - Emma’s elderly father. An expert worrier whose hypochondria is a source of continual amusement, he basks in Emma’s attentions and resists any kind of change. Although he indulges his whims, he also expresses concern for the health of others

MR GEORGE KNIGHTLEY - A close friend of the Woodhouse family. A handsome, virile, rational gentleman farmer with great judgment and tact, who acts an adviser to—and finally lover of—Emma. A man’s man

MISS TAYLOR - Emma’s former governess and the new wife of Mr. Weston MR. WESTON – A kindly and cheerful neighbor of the Woodhouses, and the father of Frank Churchill by an earlier marriage. Genial, generous, easy-going, and warm-hearted

PHILIP ELTON - The 26-Year-Old rector of Highberry, who is looking for the right marriage

HARRIET SMITH - A soft, amiable, and adoring orphan, easily swayed, and of a class below Emma’s. Befriended by Emma, she eventually decides to marry the man for whom she was intended

ROBERT MARTIN - A capable young farmer, in love with Harriet Smith

MISS BATES - A middle-aged spinster, kind but terribly talkative. Lives in genteel poverty with her ailing mother

JANE FAIRFAX - A beautiful and talented young woman who is visiting her aunt Miss Bates in Highberry

FRANK CHURCHILL - handsome and well-mannered son of Mr. Weston, who was raised by his aunt, and is visiting Highberry for the first time

AUGUSTA HAWKINS - the vain, and vulgar wife of Mr Elton

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