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Embrace Arms

2 Male, 2 Female

Linda Evans Price: $7.99

Eaton Tate, grown daughter of Sergeant Blake Tate, finally has her father where she wants him, playing the game Twister on a hospital floor

But what is her father’s brother, AJ, doing here?

This is a funny, uplifting, warm, blistering and always absurd reflection of the ever evolving American family

Embrace Arms premiered Off-Broadway at the Beckett Theater in NYC in 2007

“Guaranteed to make the audience cry” ~ Joanne Anderson, director, Tucson, AZ

“Feels Checkovian…amazing. Scenes with incredible dialogue, really great writing…the cast and I are in love with this script…the process has gotten really magical!” ~ David Epstein, director, NY, NY

“... we recognize the talent that went into the writing of the script.” Detroit Repertory Theater

Award winning breakout play for a leading lady - Two Acts, running time 90 minutes


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