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Tom McGrath Price: $17.99

'As a dramatist, Tom McGrath's great strength is to pare things down to the fewest possible words, the sparsest settings, only the most elemental action

His extraordinary stroke with Electra is to seize on the brevities of Greek tragedy and whittle them down even further

The result - a lethal little piece, bristling with menacing meanings and consequences, representing a total minefield

We watch in horror as the characters blunder through it

His Electra is self-righteously correct, mad and disastrous

His Orestes, rather than god-enlightened, is a hesitant teenager blinded by a vision of new beginnings

All the characters have a dubious mixture of self-deluding, self-interested and high-minded motives

It resonates powerfully for all of us watching similar stories unfolding in the Middle East, Congo, Rwanda, the USA and Northern Ireland' ~ Bob Tait

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