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Ears on a Beatle

2 Male, 0 Female

Mark St. Germain Price: $9.99

Veteran FBI agent Howard Ballantine and new recruit Daniel McClure are assigned a job of critical importance to J. Edgar Hoover and the White house: get politically outspoken John Lennon out of the country before Richard Nixon runs for reelection in 1972, an election in which eighteen year olds can vote for the first time

Based on actual FBI documents declassified through the Freedom of Information Act and filled with humor and heartbreak, Ears on a Beatle explores the personal relationship between the two agents in light of the changing social climate from the early seventies until Lennon's death in 1981

Set in a time when the country was sharply divided by an unpopular war, lies flowed from the White House and individual liberties were threatened in the name of national security, this play is as contemporary as today's headlines


"A funny but deeply involving piece of theatre'' ~ N.Y. Daily News

"Theatrically rich'' ~ Time Out

A compelling ethical/political exploration'' ~ Boston Globe

"Fascinating, funny and nostalgic'' ~ Denver Post

"I love the show. Anyone interested in the Beatles or John Lennon should not miss it! ~ Sid Bernstein

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