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Duets - Four One-act Plays for Two People

2 Male, 1 Female

David Tristram Price: $14.95

The four One-act Duets are ...

The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca The Goldfish - M1,F1

For Henry Smith - actor, raconteur, sporting hero, leading socialite, business tycoon, secret agent, Casanova and acting President of the United States - life was rarely dull

For Alice Smith, housewife - life was rarely anything else

Enter Michel - French waiter - tall, dark and available

Exactly what happened next, no-one's quite sure. Except that it involved a rotting melon, a deckchair and a bottle of neck-rub

Fantasy blurs into reality. Secret passions explode. And two worlds which seem a million miles apart are suddenly on a collision course

It could only happen to Henry & Alice. And only their pet goldfish, Orca, and you, will ever know the true story

Late Entry - M1,F1

"Tristram at his brilliant best. Biting wit and beautifully observed satire. Superb spoof one-handed play, followed by a cruel and entirely justified lampoon of an adjudicator. Should be compulsory viewing for all adjudicators, and indeed, everybody with a love of theatre" ~ Chris Jaeger - Chairman, GODA

Peas - M1,F1

Gerry and Daisy are the first to test out a new dating agency. They soon discover just how much they have in common

Carrots - M2

The Managing Director of an ailing roofing bolt manufacturer has an unusual proposition for his Union Representative. Can he accept without compromising his principles?

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