Dramatists in Perspective - Spanish Theatre in the Twentieth Century


Gwynne Edwards

Published by University of Wales

Dramatists in Perspective examines the theatre of five major Spanish writers of the twentieth century and seeks to place their work against the broad perspective of European theatre.

The Introduction provides a panoramic view, while five chapters concentrate in detail on five particular dramatists who have enriched the Spanish theatre in terms of its seriousness and stagecraft: Valle-Incl n, Lorca, Alberti, Buero Ballejo, and Sastre. At the same time, this study seeks to place the theatre of these five writers within a European context. Considerable attention is given to the plays as theatre in order that the contribution of Spanish drama to European theatre may be seen more clearly. All quotations are given in both Spanish and English translation.

'Thus what emerges from this book is a statement of Spain's place in, and contribution to, the modern European theatrical tradition. The approach also means that matters such as theatrical technique, staging and lighting are given special emphasis. The effect of this is to present the dramatists discussed in a new and most revealing way. Gwynne Edwards who is Professor of Spanish at University College, Aberystwyth, writes in a clear and unpretentious style that will make his book accessible to a wide audience. Not only specialists but anyone with an interest in the theatre will find this a most informative guide to the Spanish theatre of our time.' (British Book News)

' is certain that this book, which is the first overview of modern Spanish drama in English, will become an invaluable source of reference.' (Bulletin of Hispanic Studies)

'As to be expected from this critic, the analysis of individual works and staging devices is lucid and perceptive...Altogether, this is a useful study, likely to prove a comfort to idle undergraduates and an aid to students of the theatre requiring an introduction to Spain's modern drama. It will also provide a splendid sparring partner for specialists in the field.' (Modern Language Review)

pp ix269 1985 hardback

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