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+ Drama Games for Actors - Exploring Self, Character and Text

Thomasina Unsworth Price: $13.99

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This new title in the ever-growing, increasingly popular Drama Games series presents over eighty energizing, instructive, and dynamic games for actors to develop their own performances

The dip-in, flick-through, quick-fire resource book offers a rich source of ideas and inspiration for actors to work on themselves, their characters, and their connection to the text

And, of course, those teaching or directing them

The book is divided into three sections, each focusing on a different aspect of the actor’s process:

SELF provides methods to deepen relaxation, sharpen focus, boost energy, expand imagination and enable a company of actors to work collaboratively

CHARACTER suggests strategies to aid the process of transformation, encouraging actors to explore characteristics that are distinct from their own

TEXT offers exercises to unlock the words, allowing free and imaginative work within the structure of a script, without losing specificity

The games range from solo explorations which can be performed alone, to ideas for pairs and group work

Thereby making them suitable for a wide variety of scenarios and requirements

Overall, the book will serve as an essential foundation for every actor’s creativity, helping improve preparation, rehearsal and performance


"A mass of invaluable ideas for all ages and all types of actors, amateur or professional. It’s hard to imagine anyone involved in theatre who wouldn’t find it useful" ~ Sir Richard Eyre from his Foreword

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