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Dr Korczak’s Example

2 Male, 1 Female

David Greig Price: $12.95

This is set in the final, numbered, days of an orphanage in the Warsaw ghetto in 1942

Based on real events, this 'Brechtian' retelling generates an almost unbearable power and pathos through the simple humanity, warts and all, of the central characters who are trapped both by the inexorable forces of Nazi oppression and by our fore-knowledge of the fate that awaits them

The play's 'alienation' device of depicting its characters through the use of dolls, further enhances our painful feeling of powerlessness

Yet, in spite of its tragic outcome, it leaves us exhilarated and uplifted by the indomitable power of love

"Central to the story is Adzio, a sullen and cynical street urchin, surviving on his wits in a Nazi patrolled Jewish ghetto. Although opposites, Adzio and the doctor are of the same coin and they have a common enemy

It seems apt that David Greig was commissioned to write for a tour of schools about the great, and still controversial, educator, Janusz Korczak. Although the play has a specific target audience it is a challenging piece of work for an audience of any age

This play fits in perfectly with the Contemporary Scottish section of the Higher Drama syllabus and is a breath of fresh air in what is in danger of becoming a stale area. It is a play of dark beauty ~ Roy McGregor, Teacher of Drama

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