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Don’t Tell Mother

3 Male, 5 Female

Monk Ferris Price: $9.99

On the evening that timid librarian Cinnamon Schmidt and her mother are to entertain her fiance Hobart and his mother at serene family dinner, Cinnamon comes home in shock because she has witnessed a bank robbery and is the only one who can identify the crook

She confides her terror to chum Deedee Malone, not daring to tell her mother

Then federal agent Joe Shimko arrives having gotten a tip that the robber, Orville Maddox, is en route to bump off the witness

Joe thinks Deedee is Cinnamon and vice versa, Orville is mistaken for the caterer and for Hobart, mother is confused with the cleaning lady, and poor Cinnamon is thought to be her own mother

Hobart arrives, posies in hand, just in time to be arrested!

The real star is a monster vacuum cleaner that attacks anyone within range

The final moments, with all the good guys trussed up and strung together while the lights go out and the vacuum cleaner goes on, are among the funniest ever on a stage

The pace is rapid fire, the dialogue hilarious, and the laughter non stop

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