Don't Tell Me I Can't Fly - 10 Plays for Children and Families

Don't Tell Me I Can't Fly - 10 Plays for Children and Families $39.99

Y York

Published by Dramatic Publishing

Y York's award-winning plays for young people are noted for their relevance, humor and high critical response and have been produced to popular acclaim for audiences of children and adults throughout the world

This Anthology contains original plays, adaptations from literature and "listening plays" including work based on research and interviews with living people

The 10 (mostly) full-length Plays in this great-value Collection are...

The Garden of Rikki Tikki Tavi ~ Y York from Rudyard Kipling - 5 M or F

A loose adaptation of Kipling's classic. Nobody dies in this free-flowing, comic brawl!

Runs about 65 minutes

The Last Paving Stone - M2,F4

Ito can hear the cement covered ground talking

And when she is threatened with the forever-silence of the ground, she risks the ire of her Pa to share the sound with normal-eared people

And learns that being different is not such a bad thing after all

Runs about 65 minutes

Mask of the Unicorn Warrior - M3,F2

Crown Prince Tycho leaves to cure his weakness, by killing a unicorn like his father before him

But Tycho is unable to kill the creature and turns for home

And then meets Mercurial, who claimed to be a survivor of shipwreck

Their fates intertwine in this tale of love and deception.

Runs about 70 minutes

The Portrait The Wind The Chair - M1,F2

During the windstorm of the century, Lucy and her sister find themselves marooned alone in Grandma's old house

Where they must deal with a chair with a mind of its own

And a dead Grandma who won't stay in her portrait

Runs about 75 minutes

The Forgiving Harvest -M5,F1.

Mika musters all of her 9-year-old resources to save Sticky-the-Cow, who she helped deliver while her own mother was on her deathbed.

Runs about 90 minutes

Nothing Is the Same ~ M3,F1

On the island of O'hau, on December 7th, 1941, four young boys' lives will be changed forever

School has stopped all together, they learn to spot enemy planes and have become wary of their Japanese neighbors

Will outside challenges force endings to friendships?

Runs about 70 minutes

River Rat and Cat By - 3 M/ F

River Rat hauled a drowning Cat from a sinking basket thinking he had some unique collectible

Since then all of the river creatures have been dismayed by the camaraderie of this unlikely duo

But when Rat becomes frazzled by Cat's demands, Dale Beaver sees a perfect moment to break up the friendship and take the tree property River Rat owns

A Keystone Kops kind of komedy for kids and their kin

Runs about 60 minutes

Eggs - From the novel by Jerry Spinelli - M2,F3

David enlists the help of the weirdly obtuse Primrose to ensure the return of his dead mother

Meanwhile Primrose has issues with her own psychic mother

Runs about 65 minutes

Getting Near to Baby -adapted from the Newbery Honor Book by Audrey Couloumbis - M2,F6

Reeling from the death of their baby sister, 12-year-old Willa Jo Dean and 7-year-old Little Sister Dean, are sent to stay with Aunt Patty so their mom can recover

Runs about 90 minutes

Don't Tell Me I Can't Fly - M2,F3

Inspired by the life and art of Della Wells, this tells of nine-year-old Tonia growing up in a working-class, African-American home in Milwaukee in 1964

Her artistic soul is at odds with her parents' fears and pragmatism

Her efforts to please and appease them are in conflict with her own needs and desires

Tonia finds her way, the only way possible, by allowing her parents to see her true self with all its flaws, beauty and possibilities

Runs about 65 minutes

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