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Doctor Gypsee Gunn’s De-Motivational Seminar - Audio CD

Doctor Gypsee Gunn Price: $19.99

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Ok, you've heard the rest of the motivational speakers and they've done "Jack", right?

So now it's time to introduce yourself to the Leader of the Beleaguered Masses - King of the Heartbroken, Shepherd of the Apathetic, Lord of Failure, our Heathenistic Leader

Harness your innate failure and succumb to your un-inspirational life by listening to Doctor Gypsee Gunn's De-Motivational Seminar ...

  • Part 1 - The Theory of Acquired Succession; The Cycle of Depravity; Retrogression; Kingdoms of Submission

  • Part 2 - Seven Secret Layers of Personal Downgrading; Reality Territories; The 5 Laws Overting Supreme Essential Rationale; New Behavioral Choices

  • Part 3 - The Doctor's New Hit Single: "I See You in the I. C. U."

  • Part 4 - The Art & Science of Personal Degradation & Depravity; Free Radicals; The Ball of Pervading Influence

  • Part 5 - "I Doubt, Therefore I Am"; Shangri-Low; The Parking Lot of Failure; The Syntax of Synaptic Synergy

    This Audio CD runs about an hour and stars Doctor Gypsee Gunn and the Trailer Trash Twins.

    Listen to a clip of ...

    The Theory of Acquired Succession

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