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Divine Comedies - Plays for Christian Theatre - ROYALTY-FREE

Large Mixed Cast

T. M. Williams Price: $19.95


Although these nine comedy dramas have their origins in Scripture, they are more than just biblical re-enactments

They each bring an innovative spin guaranteed to engage even the most challenging audience

For example, the story of Job is told through the eyes of Joe Bob, a native Texan with Texas-sized troubles

And Pontius Pilate's Press Conference features a pack of feisty reporters, including Bryant Gumbo, Tom Brokejaw, Walter Crankcase, and Diane Sawhorse, who interrogate Pilate after the crucifixion

The nine short comedy dramas are ...

  • Man Who Had it Made (4 men 2 women 2 angels)
  • General Takes a Dip (9 men 6 women)
  • Good Ol' Sam (9 men 4 women 1 child)
  • Catfish and the Bookworm (1 man 1 woman)
  • Midnight Choirboys (10 men 1 woman)
  • Pontius Pilot's Press Conference (13 men 3 women)
  • The Great Escape (16 characters)
  • Joe Bob (8 men 2 women + extras)
  • Feerce, Penner and Smith (11 characters)

    Running at 15-45 minutes and aimed at All Ages, they are ideal for church fellowship dinners, youth gatherings, fund-raisers, and for special church services

    The book also includes permission to copy the scripts and there are No Royalty fees to pay

    240 pages

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