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Directing Professionally

Kent Thompson Price: $25.95

Subtitled A Practical Guide to Developing a Successful Career in Today’s Theatre, this volume will equip you to develop your career as a professional director in today's theatre

It features a host of insightful case studies and brief interviews with professional theatre directors, artistic directors, producers, critics, managing/executive directors, and theatre leaders currently working in the field in the UK and the US

How do you develop both the craft of directing as well as a professional career in freelance directing in today's theatre industry?

Drawing on his own extensive experience and that of other theatre professionals from the US and UK, Kent Thompson illuminates a pathway from training, apprenticeship and assistant directing to an established career as a director

Directing Professionally first lays out paths for aspirant directors to train, grow and succeed as directors, then advises freelance directors on how to establish and accelerate their professional careers

It also reveals the most significant ways those directors become artistic directors today

With a frank, thoughtful and often humorous examination of the job of professional direction and artistic direction, Thompson writes about the passion, commitment, artistic vision, directorial experience, leadership skills, and powerful persuasive gifts needed to succeed in this extraordinary field



PART I: Entering the Field

Chapter 1. The Big Leap
Chapter 2. Understanding the Business of Theatre

PART II: Your First Professional Job

Chapter 3. Interviewing for the Job
Chapter 4. Director's Work in Pre-Production
Chapter 5. Rehearsals in the Studio
Chapter 6. Moving into the Theatre through Final Dress
Chapter 7. Previews through Opening

PART III: Advancing Your Career

Chapter 8. Finding Your Next Job(s)
Chapter 9. Directing New Plays & Musicals
Chapter 10. Nurturing Your Art & Yourself

PART IV: Becoming an Artistic Director

Chapter 11. Leading a Theatre … or Not
Chapter 12. Getting the Artistic Director Job
Chapter 13. Preparing to Lead

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“Kent Thompson's Directing Professionally is the perfect blend of the real experience of directing in professional theatre and the process needed to direct in today's theatre companies ... Kent's optimistic and realistic book is an invaluable guide for every student of directing or emerging director” ~ Jane Page, University of California, USA

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