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Detective Sketches and Other Short Plays

4 Male, 3 Female

Douglas Post Price: $9.99

A Collection of 5 short plays which can be performed individually or together

The 5 Plays are ...

Detective Sketches : Trouble Is Eating My Pants

A spoof of the film-noir genre. Alex Diver is the best private investigator in town, according to the sign on his door. He gets tangled in a web of deception and death when the Lady In Green asks him to take a case

Escape from Groovytown

A man living in a cool neighborhood full of hipsters realizes he doesn't belong and runs away to the gritty side of town. Unfortunately, he can't stay away for long

Falling Through the Cracks

A comedy about a woman who is almost homeless confronting her son on the subway

Somewhere on the Coast of Belize

A comedy about two men from Manhattan attempting to unload their barge of garbage on a Third World power

At Night in the Asylum

A haunting choral reading piece that equates the fears of the inhabitants of a city dwelling with those of a madhouse

7 Actors (flexible)

Runs about 90 minutes


"A wonderful parody of every film noir or detective story you ever saw" ~ Carolyn Ayres, Fortuna High School, Fortuna, CA

"A perfect short piece for adult community theatre. The audience loved it - probably because they remember film noir, Sam Spade, Mike Hammer and Zippo lighters" ~ Carol Wroblewski, Sun City Community Theatre, Bluffton, S.C.

"What a fabulous play for a high-school festival. Our adjudicator loved the script, and the adults in the audience got every joke. The students were entertained by the fast-paced comedy and the stylish acting" ~ Paula Zentner, Maple Ridge Secondary School, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

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