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Detective Partner Hero Villain

2 Male, 2 Female

Brett Neveu Price: $9.95

The black-and-white morality of superheroes is turned on its head in this ode to the modern action/comic book genre mixed with the dark humor of a gumshoe noir

Meet crime-fighter The Fantastic Phenomenon (the Hero)

And his arch nemesis Supernova (the Villain)

A detective searches for the killer of superhero super-fans while trying to understand his own oddly formal relationship to The Fantastic Phenomenon

He learns The Fantastic Phenomenon is having an emotional breakdown, and so the detective tries to be a shoulder for him to lean, hoping to get the hero back on track and capture Supernova

But Supernova begins to harass the detective, phoning him on The Fantastic Phenomenon's super-secret "yellow telephone" and asking the detective about life's inner workings and the spiritual and physical connections between heroes, villains and those caught between both

Frustrated, the detective seeks advice from his partner and finds himself coming face-to-face with the dangerous Supernova

Which leads to more bloody murders

And now the detective's world starts to unravel as he begins to question his own belief in law and justice

4 either gender

Runs about 75 minutes


"Imagine if Woody Allen had written The Incredibles" ~ ChicagoNow

"The sort of potboiler Kierkegaard might have penned if he were really into comic books" ~ Chicago Reader

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