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Desert Devils

0 Male, 4 Female

Edward Crosby Wells Price: $7.99

Winner Panhandler Playwrights Festival

This All Female drama is set in the formerly oil-rich New Mexico desert and explores the lives of three generations of women living under one roof

The story centers on Jo who, after her father dies, takes in her feisty mother

Joís daughter, Leota Ruth - a self-mutilating poet approaching middle-age - is also in her motherís care

The dialogue between them and with a long-time neighbor is, at once, outrageously funny and heart-breakingly tragic

These women tear and rip into one anotherís psyche with reckless abandon and something barely resembling love

The cookies in question may or may not be poisoned, but just beneath the surface these women hide a more potent poison...

The deadly venom accumulated over years of unfulfilled dreams mixed with the sudden and bitter acceptance of a life unrealized


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