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5 Male, 1 Female

John Patrick Shanley Price: $9.99

This is set on a United States Marine Corps base in North Carolina in 1971

Two officers - one black, one white - are on a collision course over race, women and the high cost of doing the right thing

This riveting, surprising new work is about power, love and responsibility - who has it, who wants it and who deserves it

“Spellbinding. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but John Patrick Shanley has followed up Doubt, the best play of 2004–05, with a play of identical quality” ~ Wall Street Journal

“An arresting, ambitious tale of race relations and the military mindset, filled with the provocative questions and bristling with dialogue for which John Patrick Shanley, a fierce moral sage, is known” ~ NY Times

“Thrilling. A lean, powerful fist of a play. With rare compassion, rigor and craft, Shanley again makes a frontal attack on a subject we think we know too well, and proves otherwise” ~ NY Newsday

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