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Death and Deceit on the Nile

4 Male, 3 Female

Peter DePietro Price: $9.99

An ancient Egyptian pharaoh's secret tomb and treasure has been discovered

Because of its extraordinary value, it has been named the "Eighth Wonder of the World"

A cast of bizarre international characters assembles to view it - a scheming professor, a voluptuous princess, a daffy housekeeper, a slick lounge lizard, an astute writer and a dealer in exotic antiques

Suddenly, gunshots ring out!

The archeological wonder becomes the focus of murder!

Heated interrogations, shocking revelations and hilarious banter eventually give way to the dramatic realization of whodunit

When the killer is caught, the ancient gods of Egypt can rest easily

Or can they?

"Superb! One of the all time best interactive murder mysteries" ~ Mystery Writers of America

"A wonderfully grand evening of mystery, comedy and intrigue" ~ Straight Times, Singapore

"Irresistible, tantalizing mirthful mayhem" ~ Post Star

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