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David Copperfield

Large Cast Male, 1 Female

Thomas Hischak from Charles Dickens Price: $9.99

Young David Copperfield has a happy childhood until his widowed mother weds the stern Mr Murdstone who separates David from his caring nurse Peggotty and sends him to school far away

When Mrs Copperfield dies, young David must make his way in the city of London but, helped by the merry Micawber family and his eccentric Aunt Betsey Trotwood, he survives and grows up to become a writer

But even his adult years are challenged by the conniving clerk Uriah Heep, his betraying friend James Steerforth, and others. David gets to wed the pretty Dora whom he worships but their marriage is also a challenge and Dora's premature death leads David to discover his true character and position in life

Among the other memorable Dickens characters to appear on stage are the crusty but determined Dan Peggotty, the nerdy but faithful friend Tom Traddles, the vicious spinster Miss Murdstone, the simple-minded but lovable Mr. Dick, the understanding Agnes Wickfield, the tragic Emily, the vengeful Miss Dartle and the honest and selfless fisherman Ham The novel is dramatized with swiftly flowing scenes that tell the plot with clarity as adult David and the nurse Peggotty serve as narrators who recall the events with personal reflection and warm sincerity

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