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Daring Dick Whittington - Production Pack - Script & Score & Backing Tracks CD

Large Mixed Cast

Anthony James Price: $49.95

Although Dick Whittington comes from a rich background, he learns he's not going to inherit any of his familyís fortune

Since heís on his own, he decides to head to London to make his fortune, taking with him his best friend, Simon Lookout, the local village idiot and part time inventor

And Simonís mother - the indomitable Sarah the Cook, who invites herself along for the adventure

And a stray Cat they find and decide to take it with them

Which turns out to be a very good idea because they arrive to find the capital city is plunged into chaos by an invasion of plague carrying rats

Can Dick and his friends save the day?

It runs about 40 mins and includes six fabulous songs to perform,

This Performance Pack includes Script & Score & a CD of Vocal & Backing Tracks, as well as tips showing how to create scenery, costumes and props from recycled materials

Click and listen to a Sample Song ...

Cloth for a King

A Pack of 10 REHEARSAL SCRIPTS & SONG LYRICS is available separately by clicking here

Royalty free if you don't charge the audience

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