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Cyrano De Bergerac

5 Male, 7 Female

Glyn Maxwell from Edmond Rostand Price: $14.95

"A wonderful play, full of sunshine and sadness"

Swordsman, Philosopher, Poet, Raconteur

Cyrano de Bergerac is all these things, but none of them makes him happy

What he desires above all is the love of the beautiful Roxane

But his problem is as plain as the huge nose on his face - is he too ugly ever to be loved?

Salvation of a kind arrives in the form of the handsome yet tongue-tied Christian de Neuvillette

Might not Cyrano's eloquence and Christian s beauty together win Roxane?

But certainly not before duelling foes, powerful rivals, and a war against Spain put our hero to the test


"[Glyn Maxwell] ... the best dramatic poet now at work in English" ~ Daily Telegraph

"As Glyn Maxwell's admirable new adaptation has it, all Cyrano need do to achieve victory on the battlefield is point it at the Spanish and blow" ~ Guardian

"Glyn Maxwell is a master of wry wit ... the writer’s main strengths are his sense of humour and poetic turn of phrase so being asked to adapt a work where both are such vital elements must have been a dream come true" ~ Chester Chronicle

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