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Barry Kornhauser from Edmond Rostand Price: $9.99

Highly acclaimed productions from the Fulton Opera House to The Shakespeare Theatre

Cyrano! His wit is as sharp as his sword, the enormity of his talent, intellect, and passion matched only by the enormity of his, well, nose

The uniquely endowed protagonist of Cyrano de Bergerac is given a fresh face in this poignant and playful verse adaptation of Edmond Rostand's paeon to panache

Romance rules the day in award-winning playwright Barry Kornhauser's portrait of that enduring hero of imperfection and his classic love triangle with the exquisite Roxane and the handsome and earnest, but verbally challenged, Christian

"Kornhauser has created a wonderfully complex Cyrano who can sweep you from laughter to tears in a line or two, whose poetic soul captures the deepest feelings and makes them sing

Written in rhyming couplets, the words are clever and irresistible … [with] a zany modern punch" (New Era) that paradoxically - and strikingly - honor and evoke the 1897 original

"Cyrano … sweeps, swells, soars beyond the highest anticipations. A clever, sophisticated script brimming with hearty, poetic language, classic characters who at once define and defy stereotype, and a universal story that connects romance with reality, self-love with self-loathing

… A remarkable version of what is arguably one of the greatest romances of all time. … Daft English poetry coupled with luxuriously lyrical rhyming schemes … Masterful writing and witty wordplay

… and the reward … is one riveting adaptation that is not to be missed. …A romantic, gorgeous evening that is almost too beautiful to articulate. …Above all, it has panache!" ~ Metro weekly

Cast is gender flexible the original production used M15,F3

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