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Cyra and Rocky

2 Male, 2 Female

Cherie Bennett Price: $9.99

International best-selling writer Cherie Bennett deftly adapts Cyrano de Bergerac in this side-splitting but poignant story, set in modern America

The Cyrano character, Cyrana (called Cyra) Berger, is a teen-age girl with a weight problem instead of an over-sized nose

She's also a skateboarder, a comic genius, an ace letter-writer, and a wonderful friend

Cyra's gorgeous best friend, Chrissy, falls for equally gorgeous far-away pen pal Rockland ("Call me Rocky") Robinson, and it's Cyra who ghostwrites Chrissy's poetic love letters

When Rocky and his cousin Brett come to Nashville on vacation, to finally meet Chrissy, all the familiar Cyrano elements come to life but in a completely unique way

Between the laughs, Cyra and Rocky teaches important lessons about tolerance, acceptance, honesty, and friendship. Obvious curricular tie-ins

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