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Creepy Crawly Christmas - SCRIPT

Craig Hawes Price: $17.95

** 10% DISCOUNT **

A delightfully different look at the Nativity - through the eyes of a caterpillar!

Wilfred is the slowest, silliest caterpillar in the school, and the butt of his classmates jokes

And so when a star falls from the sky and lands on him, he decides to prove himself by discovering what this mystery object is and return it to where it came from

Of course, this is no ordinary star, and Wilfred’s quest becomes more important than he ever imagined!

Will he succeed ? Will he earn his wings and become a butterfly?

We follow his journey as he meets a host of crazy creatures and learns about the true meaning of Christmas

This colourful, magical tale is bursting with bugs, including dotty old ladybirds, an army of ants, a squadron of dragonflies, a hairy scary spider and four rather familiar Liverpudlian Beetles!

It also offers 8 superb songs that will have everyone singing along, and a humorous script which hides a twist at the end

Age Guide 5-12 (KS1 and 2)

Runs about 45 minutes


Christmas Again
Creepy Crawly Christmas Time
The Dragonfly Brigade
The King Of Creation
What is it?
Wilfrid Our Mate

NOTE : A CD of Vocal Tracks and a CD of Backing Tracks and the Piano/Vocal Score are available separately by clicking here

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