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3 Male, 3 Female

Heidi Schreck Price: $9.99

Playwright and OBIE-winning actor Heidi Schreck conjures a collision of contemporary and medieval imaginations in this very funny, a little bit scary new play about faith and its messengers

After being pestered by devils for more than half a year, Margery Kempe – new mother, mayor’s daughter, and proprietress of a highly profitable beer business – is liberated from her torment by a vision of Jesus Christ in purple robes

Visions are hard to come by, even in 1401 so should we trust the new Margery, with her fasting and her weeping and her chastity fixation, or burn her with the other heretics?

Can a woman of insatiable appetites audition for sainthood?

“Spooky and a little ooky, but Creature is no ordinary fright fest

The superstitious fears and horrors Heidi Schreck conjures up in her off-beat historical play about the 15th century English mystic Margery Kempe are largely psychological — and not unfamiliar to any modern woman stressed out by the demands of a new baby and a childish husband

Without denying the significance of religious faith in the intellectual darkness of the Middle Ages, Schreck suggests that having mystical visions was a great way for a clever woman to escape her onerous domestic duties and become a celebrity…” ~ Variety

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