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Creating Claire

1 Male, 3 Female

Joe DiPietro Price: $9.99

A powerful exploration of the supernova that results when science, faith and politics collide

Employed as a guide at a natural history museum, nice, middle-aged Claire comes under fire when her patter deviates from the strict scientific beliefs of her formidable supervisor

But as she heads down a path that espouses intelligent design, Claire's spiritual slant attracts many extra visitors

And soon leads to legal action


"Creating Claire soberly considers the missing link between faith and science DiPietro's compact, neatly-crafted drama focuses more on Claire's growing faith and its effect upon her marriage than upon hotly debating the issues" ~ Variety

"Awfully well done " ~ NY Times

" ... an engrossing and provocative play DiPietro has a good grip on the spiritual, emotional and psychological factors that determine our choices and beliefs" ~ CurtainUp

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