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Crawling Arnold

2 Male, 3 Female

Jules Feiffer Price: $9.99

Barry and Grace Enterprise, a couple in their seventies, have two sons - one a thriving two-year-old and the other Arnold, a young man in his thirties who crawls on all fours, insists on a lemon peel in his martini, and is forever misplacing his coloring book

The Enterprises also have a lavish air raid shelter complete with a library of old "Our Gang" movies and four years' worth of "Readers Digest" back copies, plus a rather snippy black maid whose feelings have been ruffled by their offer of a separate-but-equal shelter for her

As for Arnold, the Enterprises' concern about him has led to a consultation with Miss Sympathy, a pert, young psychiatric social worker who comes by to do what she can to help straighten him out - and up! She and Arnold are hitting it off rather well when the alert sounds for an air raid drill, and it's down to the shelter for everyone - except that Millie, the maid, has already locked herself in, and the "white imperialists" out ...

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