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Could It Be a Movie? - How to Get Your Ideas from Out of Your Head and Up on the Screen

Christina Hamlett Price: $26.95

Before you stock your shelves with books on how to write a film, this is the roadmap you need to determine if cinema is the best destination for your creative ideas

How do you tell the difference between mediocre ideas and great ones?

Christina Hamlett shows you how to put them to the test prior to a full-fledged commitment of time, energy, and paper

She offers invaluable advice on the business of writing, detailing the pros and cons of tackling your first script on your own, teaming up with a writing partner, or engaging the services of a seasoned professional

This user-friendly primer on the ethics and legalities of the script-selling business reveals the tandem responsibility inherent in delivering a solid story and a professional promise

It is filled with interviews, story-starters, anecdotes and Hollywood insider advice to get those creative juices flowing and the cameras rolling

It also contains a foreword by John E. Johnson, Executive Director of the American Screenwriters Association

All you need to know to start your screenwriting career with confidence

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