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+ Continental Divide : Mothers Against

4 Male, 2 Female

David Edgar Price: $7.50

** 25% DISCOUNT **

Set against the background of the same fictional west coast Governor’s election - Mothers Against is about the Republican campaign

Companion piece Daughters of the Revolution is set among the Democrats

The two plays stand alone but are enriched by being seen as a pair - jointly entitled Continental Divide

Mothers Against begins with five weeks to Election Day

The polls are on a knife edge

Republican candidate Sheldon Vine gathers his key advisors at the family home to prep the big televised debate with his Democrat opponent

It's soon clear that the most dangerous divisions are within the Republican campaign as Vine’s brother (and Campaign chair) tries to force the candidate to trim his principles

The arrival of Vine’s radical daughter and a beautiful right-wing radio “pundette” further increases the tensions

This all comes to an explosive climax in a full-scale mock debate

Finally, Sheldon, his brother, and his wife confront the resentments and betrayals of the past

Thus facing the candidate with a choice between his principles and victory


“Hugely impressive ... this is an incisive, dense, intelligent, informative cycle” ~ The Times.

“What Edgar has to say is breathtakingly timely. Continental Divide is theater as salt lick. You lap it up” ~ NY Times

“Heady, impassioned and unfalteringly politically engaged…as exciting in ambition as it is penetrating” ~ San Francisco Chronicle

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