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+ Continental Divide - Daughters of the Revolution

Large Mixed Cast

David Edgar Price: $9.99

This is the companion piece to Mothers Against

Moving on to higher things from his job in a community college, former sixties activist Michael Bern finds that his partner has thrown a surprise 55th party in his honour, at which she and his friends present him with his FBI file (with dramatized extracts, of course)

In the file, Michael finds proof that one of an eight-strong group of activists was an FBI informer

His career and relationship threatened by his discovery, Michael sets forth to find the eight, a quest which takes him from a political campaign to a ghetto neighborhood, from a gated community to a beachside fundraiser, from a group of hippy treesitters deep in the redwood forests to the site of a vital governor's debate

On the journey, Michael discovers what happened to his former friends, but more profoundly, what has happened to himself


“Hugely impressive ... this is an incisive, dense, intelligent, informative cycle” ~ The Times.

“What Edgar has to say is breathtakingly timely. Continental Divide is theater as salt lick. You lap it up” ~ NY Times

“Heady, impassioned and unfalteringly politically engaged…as exciting in ambition as it is penetrating” ~ San Francisco Chronicle

For Companion piece MOTHERS AGAINST
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