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Contemporary Scottish Plays - Caledonia & Bullet Catch & Artist Man and Mother Woman & More

Trish Reid - Editor Price: $29.95

Scotland is entering a crucial period in its history, where its identity is being debated daily, from everyday conversation to the national and international press

At the same time, its theatre is resurgent, with key Scottish playwrights, theatres and theatre companies expanding their performance vocabularies while coming to prominence in national and international contexts

This Anthology offers five of the best examples ...

Caledonia is a tale of hubris and delusion, portraying a crucial slice of Scotland's history and its foray into imperial colonialism told with dark humour and creative flair, by award-winning playwright and satirist Alistair Beaton

Bullet Catch by Rob Drummond is a unique theatrical experience exploring the world of magic, featuring mind-reading, levitation, and the most notorious finale in show business

Morna Pearson's The Artist Man and the Mother Woman is a wickedly funny, deceptively simple, surreal portrait of a spectacularly dysfunctional relationship

Rantin' by Kieran Hurley draws on storytelling, live music and an unapologetically haphazard take on Scottish folk tradition, in an attempt to stitch together fragmented stories to reveal a botched patchwork of a nation

Narrative by Anthony Neilson is a theatrical exploration of the the boundaries and possibilities of storytelling.

The collection is edited by Dr. Trish Reid, a leading critical voice on Scottish theatre

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