Commedia Americana - Six Plays - Love Bite & Cupidosis & False Prophets & Peeping Punch & More

Commedia Americana - Six Plays - Love Bite & Cupidosis & False Prophets & Peeping Punch & More $10.99

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Jules Tasca

Published by Samuel French Inc

6 Male 4 Female

Six lusty commedia dell'art plays bring traditional characters like Harlequin, Pantalone and Punch into modern times ...

The seven deadly sins come to life with loads of laughs and audience participation

The 6 Plays are ...

Love Bite - M5,F2

Pedrolino will do anything to make love to his wife but she is only interested in her lovers. He consults a fortune teller who sells him magical mosquitoes. Those they bite fall in love with the first person they see. When Pedrolino turns one loose in the presence of his wife, it bites him. He looks in a mirror to examine the bite and hilariously falls in love with himself!

Cupidosis - M6,F2

Capitanos Middlefinger and Dodiddle vie for the hand of Isabella, who is in love with the penniless Lelio. The madcap misadventures culminate in an electrifying finish

False Prophets - M5,F1

Brighella, the intriguer, desires the sexual favors of Olivetta, wife of lawyer Mr. Robb. Brighella and his partner in crime, Arlecchino, discover that Mr. Robb is a sucker for false prophets. So Brighella pretends he is Pastor Evan Gellico of the Church of G's (Goodness, Gladness and Gold). They dupe Mr. Robb into believing by pretending to raise Arlecchino from the dead. Mr. Robb invites them to his home to resurrect his father in law who just died, but Olivetta sees through the ruse. When Brighella sets up a tryst with her, she has her husband dress in her clothes and a wig to keep the appointment. In a bawdy comic finale, Brighella and his accomplice are unmasked and punished

Peeping Punch - M4,F2

Pulcinella is caught spying on the alluring Sylvia by her guardian, Dr. Gordo. To avoid being arrested as a peeping Tom, he swears he is love with Sylvia. The doctor agrees not to press charges if Punch marries Sylvia, but Sylvia loves Flavio and plots with Columbine to pretend she is going into a convent. Columbine bets the doctor that Punch can't go two minutes without committing a carnal act. To test Punch's moral character, they hide and observe as the rowdy Punch makes love to an audience member. He is unmasked and Sylvia is allowed to marry Flavio

The Marriage of Don Juan - M3,F4

Four armed men storm Dr. Catarac's drug store. Each has a sister who has been deflowered by a store employee. They are greeted by gay Zerbinato. The vengeful brothers become angrier and accuse the old doctor, who declares that four women in four nights is beyond his wherewithal. When the truth is revealed Zerbinato is really the doctor's guilty son and the intruders are the wronged females in disguise the culprit is forced to marry an obese cousin with missing teeth and wire coils for hair. The moral: All life comes down to paying for one's kicks

Pantalone's Dream - M8,F4

The old miser Pantalone wants to marry young Lucinda and threatens to foreclose on her mother's house if she does not consent. He falls asleep and dreams that he buys a drug to augment his prowess on his wedding night at the Medical Malpractice Center. The doctor warns that this could damage other organs. In a surreal dreamscape, Pantalone finds himself being operated on and the nightmare convinces him to marry Lucinda's mother instead

"Women gasped. Men guffawed. Children squealed and pointed. It was great!" ~ Valley Review

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