Comedy Tonite! - The Tyranny of Love & The Reluctant Critic & More

Comedy Tonite! - The Tyranny of Love & The Reluctant Critic & More $18.99

Norman Beim

Published by New Concept Press

The seven comedies and farces are ..

The Tyranny of Love - 4M 2F - 1 Int

Drew Charteris, a self-centered, arrogant theatre critic refuses to let his 17 year old daughter marry the successful young playwright she loves. Clara, a friend of the family schemes with the young girl to outwit the pompous father with the help of the girl's fiancee in this delightful farce

The Reluctant Critic - 2M 2F - 1 Int

Drew, a middle aged theatre critic and widower is seeing Daisy, a young actress. He's attracted to Daisy but hesitant. Having had a little too much to drink at a luncheon he confided his qualms to Vera, a woman who turned out to be a private investigator

Drew is chagrined to learn that Vera has actually been trailing Daisy. Vera hands him a report. Complications ensue when Daisy is aware of someone following her, and Drew is visited by a handsome movie star friend of his who may or may not have seduced Daisy during the ensuing chaos

The Costume Ball - 2M 1F - 1 Int

Harry and Gwen are going to a charity masquerade ball. Harry's costume has gone astray. Gwen persuades him to wear an old dress of her aunt's. Harry tries on the dress. The doorbell rings. Gwen opens the door. Harry is discovered dressed as a woman by Wilbur Wilberforce, an upright business man from Chicago, whom Harry hopes will save his advertising agency from bankruptcy. Harry panics and pretends to be "Hilary." Things get rather sticky when Wilberforce seems to be enamored of "Hilary"

The Literary Lesson - 3M 3F

Adam, a young, up and coming novelist, meets his youthful idol, the world renowned author, Geoffrey Kendall. They strike up a deep friendship. Adam becomes Geoffrey's alter ego. That same week-end Adam meets the lovely Dorothy Hewitt. He falls in love with her. Complications ensue when Geoffrey advises Adam not to marry, since family life is the reason that Geoffrey never achieved the greatness he aspired to. A literate ironic comedy based loosely on a novella by Henry James

Food Stamps - 4M 4F - Unit set

Richard, an impoverished actor, applies for food stamps. He is ineligible because of an arbitrary ruling that states that, since he shares an apartment, he is part of a household and his earnings must be considered together with those of his roommate, which would make him ineligible. Richard decides to fight the system. He encounters red tape and indifference in this ironic, inspirational comedy

Women are Women - 2M 5F - 1 Int

The Logan household is upset by the visit of a feminist. The women are up in arms. The youngest daughter hopes to receive her trust fund when she reaches 18 the next month. She wants to marry her boyfriend who's studying to be a lawyer and has no income, to speak of. Unfortunately the mother may be borrowing from the trust fund to make a donation it to the "movement." Chaos ensues in this merry, satirical romp

After Sex, Then What? - 2M 2F - 1 Int

Two couples engage in the battle of the sexes. The women decide that free love and keeping one's private space is not enough. They demand more in this delightful romp

"Norman Beim is the best. His dialogue is terse, precise, concise and conveys ideas beautifully" ~ Mario Fratti

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