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Colder Than Here

1 Male, 3 Female

Laura Wade Price: $9.99

Nobody can ignore the fact that Myra is dying, but in the meantime life goes on - there are boilers to be fixed, cats to be fed and the perfect funeral to be planned

As a mother researches burial spots and biodegradable coffins, her family is forced to communicate with her, and each other, as they face up to an unpredictable future

“Laura Wade’s play is set in the limbo between a death sentence and the death itself. How does knowledge of one’s imminent demise, or that of a loved one, affect the living of one’s life?” ~ Guardian (London)

“ ... a ninety-minute masterpiece, a jewel, dark but translucent. It is a play of love, death, and grief: The grief that is hardest to bear, because it begins before the loved one dies” ~ Sunday Times (London)

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