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Cocoa and Cuddles

3 Male, 4 Female

Jane Lockyer Willis Price: $14.95

Frank is squeamish by nature, especially when it comes to burying his late, irascible old mother, Edith, lying upstairs in the spare room

Urging him to make necessary arrangements, Lorna, Frank’s 2nd wife, discovers that he has engaged the help of his sister, Polly

Val and Reg, members of the local folk dancing club, arrive to pay their respects and disclose that Edith, far from having been difficult, was a well-liked, fun-loving club member with a toy boy!

Edith’s presence is felt throughout the play as being symbolic of the fractured relationships and bickering family -

Polly, jealous of Frank and railing against his ineffectualness

Lorna, angry over his reluctance to face reality

Carrie, Frank’s late daughter who casts a shadow over events

Frank finds solace in Lucy, a 20 year old mourner, who closely identifies with his emotional state

The play closes with more family disclosures which serve to reconcile Frank and Polly as they rediscover their abiding love for each other

Funny and sad, this play deals with love, loss, jealousy and regret

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