Climbing Rejection Mountain - An Actor's Path to Success, Stability, and Self-Esteem

Climbing Rejection Mountain - An Actor's Path to Success, Stability, and Self-Esteem $24.99

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Nick Wyman

Published by Applause Books

"How do I get an agent?”

“How do I get in the room where it happens?”

“How do I hang on to my happiness, confidence, and self-esteem?”

The answers to these questions, and other ideas and suggestions, are all waiting inside Climbing Rejection Mountain by Broadway veteran and former Equity President Nick Wyman

Climbing Rejection Mountain is a funny and useful guide for young actors, working actors, and wannabe actors on how to improve your chances for a successful and happy life while attempting to earn a living

This is a book for everyone who loves theater and wonders how actors make a living

But it is most especially a book for those who are trying to make (or hoping to make) a life in theatre


"If only I had had Nick's wise and witty book as reference when I began my theatrical journey! He writes with such humor and humanity, as only he could. This should be on every young actor's must-read list"~ Judy Kaye

"Where was this book when I was starting out? Nick Wyman gives the young actor an indispensable road map to navigate the 'business of show' and does so with his unique blend of honesty, wit, and boundless compassion" ~Tony Goldwyn

"Wonderful. Full of really helpful information! It's a terrific handbook for both the aspiring actor and inspiration for anyone in the business who wants to remember why they are there. Really useful! AND entertaining. It's given me a lot to think about, and I'm out of the game! I wish I'd had something as clear as this when I was starting out" ~ Dana Ivey, Obie-award-winning actress

"As a young actress living in New York, I thankfully got my hands on this book right before two of the biggest meetings of my career. It's the perfect tool to prep you for those career milestones like landing an agent, meeting with producers, joining a union, or picking a school if you’re just starting out. Plus, it's the prefect length for a plane ride from NYC to LA. If it wasn't for this book, I'd still be going to open calls rather than agent appointments" ~ Loretta Ann Miller

"Nick Wyman's book is as entertaining as it is valuable. Climbing Rejection Mountain is filled to the brim with detailed, practical advice on functioning as an actor, written from the perspective of an expert. In sharing stories from his own successful and varied career, Nick imparts wisdom and insight that any actor — and indeed, any working professional—could benefit from. At the same time, each page is filled with wit and humanity. With his decades of experience, and thoughtful intelligence, Nick gives readers an arsenal of specific recommendations on both day-to-day life as an actor and also the bigger picture. The book is a must-read for actors at any stage of their career"
~Jennifer Ashley Tepper

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