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Chucky’s Hunch & Futz & Kontraption & Three Front

Rochelle Owens Price: $19.95

This collection contains two one act plays: CHUCKY'S HUNCH, FUTZ, and two full-length plays: KONTRAPTION, and THREE FRONT.

"Rochelle Owens' risk-taking is more radical in certain respects than Beckett or Shepard." C W E Bigsby, Modern American Drama
"The genius of Owens' work lies not in ideological commitments but in her access to the subconcious. One of our most courageous and insightful artists.. .and perhaps the most profound tragic playwright in the American theater." Village Voice
"CHUCKY'S HUNCH, Rochelle Owens' monodrama about an untamed abstract painter and his perplexing relations with America in the shape of his ex-wife and mother is a triumph of sustained verbal fireworks! Not to be missed!" Village Voice
"The character of Chucky reaches truly heroic proportions. A penetrating chain letter from the heart. A wonderful mixture of anger, madness, regret and self-incriminating introspection. Attention must be paid. A rare and daring dramatic imagination." The New York Times
"A funny wonderful play. Rochelle Owens' comic flame has never burnt so bright, but like the eye of the tiger, it is savage!" Post, New York

"FUTZ is one of the most original and uninhibited pieces of dramatic poetry ever written. No one seriously interested in theatre arts will want to miss it." Saturday Review

"In the world of KONTRAPTION Rochelle Owens has devised a language of high intensity and eroticism to express the extremes of human existence. The characters are conjurers of words as well as visions--and the Word is made Flesh!" American Playwrights

"THREE FRONT, by one of the most inventive experimental playwrights in America, is tremendously alive, rich in writing and theatricality." Europe Plurilingue

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