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+ Christmas on Stage - An Anthology of ROYALTY-FREE Christmas Plays for All Ages

Theodore O Zapel - editor Price: $19.99

** 10% DISCOUNT **

You'll find Royalty-free plays, readings, and monologs for all likes and all ages in this comprehensive anthology, all dramatizing the true meaning of Christmas

They offer both traditional and contemporary settings, drama and humor, new offerings and old favorites, and can be easily staged with a minimum of costumes and props

They may also be presented as live readings, tape recordings or radio-style broadcasts through sound systems

And since no royalty payments are required for performances, this low-cost anthology is a money-saving program resource for anyone with the responsibility of Christmas programming

There's enough material for many years of Christmas planning, and it's conveniently divided into six sections -

  • Elementary Grades
  • Middle Grades
  • Programs for Teens and Adults
  • Readers Theatre for Christmas
  • Adaptations from Classics and Legends
  • Christmas Readings

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