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+ Christmas on Erie Street - ROYALTY FREE

4 Male, 4 Female

Graydon Goss Price: $6.75

** 25% DISCOUNT **

ROYALTY-FREE - Amateurs may produce this play without Royalty payment

While selling papers on a blustery Christmas Eve, Tony and Terry listen to the people who pass by ...

A small boy who is lost

Dude, worried about his girl's Christmas scarf

Two giggling girls

A crotchety old man

Frankie, too proud to admit his family is hungry

A rich woman distributing baskets (for self-publicity)

And four chattering girls ...

... who invite the boys to a New Year's party!

The bubbling good humor and spirits of Tony and Terry make this more than just a passing entertainment

Behind their boyish wonder is a deep reverence for the true meaning of the season


MF,F4 + 4 Girls + 2 Newsboys + 3 Children + Extras

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