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Choir Boy

7 Male, 0 Female

Tarell Alvin McCraney Price: $14.40

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"Those melodies, the pitch harmonies and
Rhythms, those are the maps and guides to the Promised
Land. Not on this earth but elsewhere . . ."

Determined to make his mark like those before him, Pharus is hell-bent on being the best choir leader in the school's fifty-year history

First, he must gain the respect of his peers

But he's an outsider in a world steeped in rites and rituals

A community that demands conformity

Set in an all boys, all black, American prep school, this piercing and provocative play scores a gospel refrain of the politics of minority and masculinity

Choir Boy premiered at the Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court, London, in September 2012

It was commissioned by, and is a co-production with Manhattan Theatre Club

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