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Chekhov’s Three Sisters and Woolf’s Orlando

Anton Chekhov & Virginia Woolf adapt Sarah Ruhl Price: $16.95

In her stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf's gender-bending, period-hopping novel Orlando, award-winning playwright Sarah Ruhl preserves Woolf's vital ideas and lyrical tone, bringing to life an Elizabethan nobleman who's magically transformed into an immortal woman

Also included is her fresh translation of Three Sisters, the Anton Chekhov classic of ennui and frustration

Ruhl employs her signature lyricism and elegant understanding of intimacy to reveal the discontent felt by fretful Olga, unhappy Masha, and idealistic Irina as they long to leave rural Russia for the ever-alluring Moscow


"[Ruhl's Orlando] captures both the intellectual spirit and the literary brilliance of Woolf's work . . . Ruhl writes with the imaginative sweep that allows Woolf's poetry to soar"~ Variety

"Sarah Ruhl's smart new translation [of Three Sisters] feels just right to contemporary American earsólean, colloquial, and conversational for us and true to Chekhov's original work" ~The Cincinnati Enquirer

"Sarah Ruhl is her usual unfailingly elegant, unbeatably witty self, cleverly braiding her own brand-name wit with Woolf's" ~ New York Magazine

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