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Chekhov - Shorts

Anton Chekhov trans Stephen Mulrine Price: $12.99

This collection features Chekhov’s best-known short plays in brand new translations - three farces, two comic duologues and a monologue, all of them referred to by Chekhov as ‘vaudevilles’ and all written in the late 1880s before any of his great full-length plays

"I don’t much care for theatre," he wrote at the time, "but I do enjoy vaudevilles"

The Bear, The Proposal and The Wedding are all farces on the preposterous business of courtship and marriage

A Tragic Figure and Swansong are comic duologues - one about a civil servant sweltering in Moscow coping with the incessant demands of his family from their summer dacha, the other about a melancholy old actor perked up by memories of past glories

On the Evils of Tobacco is a bitter sweet monologue in which a scientific lecture is hijacked by thoughts of domestic misery

These accurate and highly actable translations by Chekhov expert Stephen Mulrine reveal a dramatist revelling in the broad comedy of human behaviour, a comedy which was refined in his later masterpieces

Highly entertaining, these comic shorts offer a fascinating insight into Chekhov’s development as a dramatist, and will provide actors at any level – student, amateur or professional – with an ideal showcase

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